Furbaby Friday

I have been noticing something the last few days…this adorable puppy.. this one right here

She has been a snuggle bug with her Mama. I don’t know if she knows its because Mama needs a little extra TLC these days or if she is just feeling extra snuggly…but this morning she decided to climb up behind me in the recliner and snuggle in for a while…

I kinda like it when she is super snuggly like this I’ve got to say…

I mean, look at that face! I ♥ my Summer girl.


Halloween Costumes for Dogs

I am not one of those people who buys outfits for my dog, I will admit I have looked at them but I just can’t get myself to do it. Granted I live on the face of the freakin’ sun and there is no point in subjecting my dog to wear an outfit when she is already dying of heat. But there is another reason, they just look crazy! I can’t stop cracking up at the dogs in costumes at Halloween especially. Princess and I went to Target the other day and of course we had to go down the Halloween section. She found the dog costumes and it was over. I thought some of them were absolutely hilarious. Take these for example..

Some of these dogs are giving a look like ‘bitch I will cut you if you don’t get this shit off me, right NOW’… while others are like ‘look at me I’m a pretty butterfly lalala’

like this guy

he is NOT amused

but then this guy here, he is like that’s right bitch the nurse is in the hizzouse so outta my way


Then of course there is Princess Leia…you know that dog is thinking ‘Captain, being held by you isn’t quite enough to get me excited.’ *


But this one really makes me giggle…he won’t even look at them he’s so pissed!

He is thinking just you wait…soon as you are asleep I will take my revenge…

*Princess Leia quotes

Happiness is a Choice

I’m sure that we’ve all heard it said that Happiness is a choice but I don’t think everyone chooses to believe this to be true. However, I do. I absolutely believe that while we may not be able to immediately change our situation in life (job, financial status, relationships) we CAN immediately change our outlook.

I don’t always have the best attitude, I know, shocking. I worry about everything…a lot. I don’t always see the things I do have because I am so focused on the things I don’t have. This causes me to be crabby and nobody likes a crabby mama. Believe it. So I am making a conscious choice to be happy. To find happiness in things around me…like these things

It doesn’t cost me a cent to sit and look at the clouds..and how cool is it that this one is shaped like a heart?! It doesn’t cost me a cent to go out back and play with my dog and to watch her run at me full speed with a ball in her mouth and her ears flopping in the wind. To see her eyes light up when I grab that ball and her whole body starts to shimmy cuz her little nub is wagging so fast she can’t control herself…all because Mama is gonna play ball with her! It doesn’t cost me a cent to sit and snuggle with my precious baby girl who is getting so big and soon won’t want to snuggle with her Mama. It doesn’t cost me a cent to sit on the couch with my Hubby after our girls are in bed asleep and just be near each other and talk or snuggle while we watch tv. These are the things that I love the most, the things that don’t cost anything and are the most precious and valuable things on earth.


It’s OK Thursday

It’s time again for It’s Ok Thursday brought to us by Neely and Amber.

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s Ok…

…to be super excited, yet way nervous about your child going to 1st grade

…to be married but really enjoy sleeping alone sometimes

…to have one day a week where you eat a cupcake and drink some wine with your mom (so long as you are old enough to drink said wine that is)

…to be annoyed by your adorable dog

…to let your child make a huge mess building a fort in the living room just so you can have some time to blog

…to wish summer was REALLY over so it would be fall already

Now, go make your own It’s Ok list and then link up with Amber and Neely!


Summer THE Dog

I just realized that I have never introduced you to our puppy, Summer.

The story of how Summer came to be part of the family goes like this…

Our family had been talking about getting a dog for a really long time. We had even tried out a couple of dogs over the years. When Hubby and I first got married, he had 2 daschunds (wiener dogs) named Barron and Tashia. They were good dogs, if a little ahh…crazy. See they had a Napoleon complex. They would go after the biggest baddest dogs they could find to prove they were badass dogs even though they barely reached your kneecaps when they stood on their hind legs. Anyway, when we found out we were pregnant we decided to have my 1 year old nephew over to see how the dogs would do with small kids. They failed. Big time. So after much thought and trying to find the right rescue, we took them to a daschund rescue. Hubby was so upset about it, he is a huge dog lover…me, not so much. I prefer fish. Fish are easy to take care of, you don’t have to clean up poop or puke or hair. I digress..anywho. We got our first dog a few years ago, Jack a black lab. He was 7 and not fixed and was a NIGHTMARE. Not a good family dog. So we had to rehome him. A few months later we tried a female beagle, Daisy. She was a good dog, but she was older and set in her ways. And I was allergic to her. Every time I was in the same room with her I couldn’t breathe, was sneezing up a storm and my eyes would water horribly. So we gave her back to the family we had gotten her from. After that I was pretty hesitant to try any other dogs. But Hubby and the little princess decided they just couldn’t live without a dog. Hubby decided to start doing some research on dogs that are good for people with allergies and that are great family dogs. The one breed that met those requirements was a Boxer. So, I didn’t make any promises, but I said ok we can start looking at Boxers and if we find the right one, we can talk.

A few weeks before Christmas, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she needed to rehome her 9 month old female Boxer. So I emailed her and asked her to tell me about the dog. We decided to have them bring the dog over to our house so they could see where she would be living and how we all got along with her. Now, I should tell you, as soon as I saw her picture I fell in love with her. I just wanted to snuggle her face. She is a brindle boxer with the black mug and huge brown eyes. She has the sweetest disposition. We had them bring her over when princess was at school so that it could be a big surprise if we ended up getting her. Hubby and I fell in love with her and after spending about an hour with her, the family took her home and we told them we would talk about it and let them know. The next day we decided we would adopt her. We made arrangements for them to bring her back over a couple of days before Christmas. Princess was speechless she was so surprised.

Summer has fit in with our family so well right from the start. She is the sweetest puppy and is so loving and gentle with all of us. She has her hyper moments, but she is a puppy after all. She loves to chase laser lights and if there is a ball anywhere around you can believe she will chase that sucker down and make sure she kills it. She loves to go to the dog park and run like the wind. It’s fun to watch her take off like a shot as soon as she gets in the gate and all the other dogs chase her trying to catch up. We ♥ our Summer dog.


Our Newest Addition – Jack


This is Jack, a 7 year old Black Lab. We have been looking for a dog for a long long time. My husband is a dog person, actually he is an ANIMAL person. I can take ’em or leave ’em pretty much. But I had said when we got a house, we could get a dog. It was important to Sean to get a dog and Hannah seems to have inherited his love of dogs so for the last few months we have been looking at dogs.

I want a Mastiff. I fell in love with those big ol’ noggins they got and that is just what I have to have! But I do love labs too. I used to have one and that is a long story that I don’t want to get into, but I had a black lab named Jack years ago and had to give him up. So fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I was looking at the forums on PhoenixMommies and happened to see a post listing a black lab that had to find a home quickly or it was going to have to be taken to the pound. I got in contact with the girl who posted the ad and we emailed back and forth with me asking all kinds of questions and her answering them. When she told him his name was Jack I about fainted. Now before you go there, no its not the same Jack. But he is a black lab named Jack and I am in love with him. I talked it over with Sean and we decided to go ahead and adopt him.

So we had Jack brought over this morning and he is the biggest sweetest ol’boy ever! Poor Sean is working today though so he hasn’t met Jack yet, but what a treat for him when he gets home tonight!