Wordless Wednesday – Furbaby Edition

Wordless Wednesday

I’m linking up with Let Them Eat Cake today for Wordless Wednesday, go check her out!


Dirty Secret Saturday

I know if you are like me, you like to tell yourself that no one is really paying much attention to you and how many times you leave the house in your crocs or with your hair dirty cuz you didn’t feel like washing it the day before. We all have these dirty little secrets.

Nobody really needs to know about those times we run errands in our pajamas, or that recipe we tried that totally bombed or the mess we hide in the hallway closet, or how our kids NEVER seem to listen to us…

Let’s face it!  Nobody is perfect!

We all have our ”off” days and Lena, Megan and I want you to spill your dirty secrets with us on the last Saturday of every month!!

We’re calling it Dirty Secret Saturday and we really hope you’ll link up with us!

Grab the button below and spread the word!

Let’s keep it real, and support each other through our good AND not so great days!


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Don’t forget, the last Saturday of every month come link up with us for Dirty Secret Saturday starting February 25th!!

Totally Thursday Blog Hop

There are so many link ups I want to participate in for Thursday’s that I can’t just do one! Throughout today I will be posting a few different blog hop posts…it’s an addiction really, don’t hate me!

This first one is simply just a blog hop to find some good family friendly blogs, it’s being hosted by Jill from Momma Totally In Love. So if you have a family friendly blog, why not hop on over and link up!