Furbaby Friday

I have been noticing something the last few days…this adorable puppy.. this one right here

She has been a snuggle bug with her Mama. I don’t know if she knows its because Mama needs a little extra TLC these days or if she is just feeling extra snuggly…but this morning she decided to climb up behind me in the recliner and snuggle in for a while…

I kinda like it when she is super snuggly like this I’ve got to say…

I mean, look at that face! I ♥ my Summer girl.


Friday Confessional


I Confess…I’m still adjusting to this WordPress format. It’s so weird! lol

I Confess…I might be a tad pissy today so hubby is bringing me a doughnut to make me feel better.

I Confess…I am really not looking forward to my next RE appt on Tuesday for a biopsy of my uterine lining.

I Confess…I am super duper excited about the Favorite Things swap, it’s almost time to mail our packages out to our partners!

I Confess…I love Spring time but my allergies are seriously still trying to kill me.

I Confess…I may have mentioned to hubby I would like to set up another fish tank (we used to have a 30 gallon freshwater tank but got rid of it a couple of years ago) and he is off and running doing research to set up a SALTWATER tank. Um, do you know how much work a saltwater tank is to maintain?! Gah! He is on his own with this one! lol

Well, those are my confessions for today. What do you have to confess? Go link up with Mamarazzi!

Furbaby Friday

I’ve decided to link up with the ever fabulous Mrs. Monologues today for Furbaby Friday!

My furbaby, Summer Grace Elizabeth Thomas. Summer is a pure-bred Boxer who is almost 2 years old. Her birthday is coming up next month! Last year for her 1st birthday we got her a doggie cookie from the specialty pet store. This year I am totally getting her a doggie Sprinkles cupcake!

She thinks she’s the Queen of the backyard, clearly.

Waiting for her girl to get out of school, she’s so excited to see Hannah!

Watching Mama do her hair and makeup..mama make me prettiez too?

I laugh every time I see this picture. I love that snarly face!

This was taken shortly after we had first gotten her. She loves to snuggle Daddy and her girl.

I love my Summer baby ♥