Furbaby Friday

I have been noticing something the last few days…this adorable puppy.. this one right here

She has been a snuggle bug with her Mama. I don’t know if she knows its because Mama needs a little extra TLC these days or if she is just feeling extra snuggly…but this morning she decided to climb up behind me in the recliner and snuggle in for a while…

I kinda like it when she is super snuggly like this I’ve got to say…

I mean, look at that face! I ā™„ my Summer girl.


10 responses

  1. Oh my gosh she is so precious! I swear dogs can sense when there is something wrong! Yesterday It was like Macey knew I needed to sleep and just slept right next to me!! Keep your head up girl šŸ™‚

  2. That is adorable. My mom’s dog is like this. I don’t mind dogs, but can’t stand them getting too close. My friend has this dog that just rests it’s head in my lap and I pet him and that’s it. I really like that dog. But people who connect with their animals are awesome. I’m just more of a cat person. šŸ™‚

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