You’ve got a great cervix

Warning – I will be using terms that relate to female anatomy and monthly cycles, if you don’t wanna read about any of this now would be a good time to leave!   You’ve been warned!!  

This is what my RE said to me when he was looking at my cervix just before he took a sample of my uterine lining for a biopsy.    Uh, gee thanks…I think?!

Today was my third appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist.  This appointment was to biopsy my uterine lining just to make sure there are no cancerous or precancerous cells.  Something that my RE told me at my first appointment was that patients with PCOS have a higher rate of uterine cancer because they don’t have a regular cycle every month where the lining is shed so to be safe he wants to do a biopsy since I haven’t had a cycle in 3 months at this point.

I was pretty anxious about the biopsy for more than just the physical discomfort that I knew would come with the procedure.  The bigger part for me is the emotional and mental worry about the possibility of  cancer and what that would ultimately mean for continuing to go through this fertility stuff.  The procedure itself was really fast and relatively painless and I am so thankful its over…but now its the waiting for the results that really sucks.  They said I can expect the results in about a week.

I had been hoping that they would be able to give us some answers from the tests we had both undergone last week but they still don’t have any of those results yet, which is super frustrating!! I mean how long can it possibly take to get blood work results?  Its already been a week!  So hopefully they will call us later this week or early next week with all of the results from blood work, semen analysis and my biopsy.  Fingers crossed everything comes back good.

So, I bet you are wondering what the next step is in this whole process…well don’t you worry, I’m about to tell you!  They gave us both lab slips today to have genetic testing done since I have had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 years.  They want to see if there is something genetically wrong that is causing those or if it they are just not viable for another reason.  We shall see.  So we will each be doing that blood work in the next few days.  As for my next step, I have to take progesterone to induce a cycle.  Once I start, I have to go in for an HSG…this is a fun test.  They shoot dye into my Fallopian tubes to make sure there are no blockages that are preventing us from conceiving.  I’ve heard it is really uncomfortable and at times painful.  So yeah that should be fun.   After that I honestly have no idea what comes next besides continuing to lose weight before going on fertility drugs this summer.

So yeah, I am gonna go ahead and say this now – I am really NOT looking forward to my upcoming cycle and the next few weeks!  Anyone wanna trade and do this for me?  Yeah, didn’t think so…

I want to thank everyone for all the positive thoughts and prayers and well wishes that you have been sending me, I appreciate it so much!


10 responses

  1. Having a great cervix is cool though.

    Sorry you have to go through so much. It seems rather frustrating just reading it. I’m still hoping for the best, of course. Fingers crossed!

  2. Gosh, sounds like you are going through a roller coaster. All the testing and man, do I know how painful some of it can be. I have a very low pain tolerance so just reading was making me feel it. I really hope the tests come back with positive news though. The stuff going into your Fallopian tubes does not sound like fun at all. Hopefully you get through that with as little discomfort as possible

    • Thanks doll ♥

      It is really a big emotional roller coaster. It’s like, test after test after test but still no answers yet. I am wondering when I will start getting some answers even if that answer is just wow, there is nothing wrong with you you are completely healthy. Just give me something! Ya know what I mean?

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