Dirty Secret Saturday


Welcome to Dirty Secret Saturday hosted by the lovely Lena of Mom2MemphisandRuby and the lovely Megan of AbsoluteMommy and of course, moi.  We have teamed up to bring you a monthly linky party we like to call…Dirty Secret Saturday! We will be hosting this on the last Saturday of each month so make sure you save up your dirty secrets for us and then be willing to spill them all here!

It’s time to come clean ladies and gentlemen (if there are any men reading this!). What are your Dirty Secrets that you have been keeping, hoping that no one would find out?! Spill it! There is no judgement here. I’ll even start off!

I haven’t worked out in almost 2 weeks, like a really good workout. I’m not talking about a walk here or there. I mean honest to goodness, sweat in places sweat should NEVER be – working out.

I had doughnuts for breakfast this morning…and yesterday morning. I’m PMS’ing so back off!

I’m not a natural redhead. I know, shocking! All this is from a bottle, tis true…

I think that I’ve shared enough of my dirty little secrets for today…don’t you worry though there will be plenty more next time!


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