Oh, How Pinteresting!


I decided to do a Bucket List Pinterest this week!


Attack of the Duckface!

Y’all this is serious! I have been plagued by the attack of the duckface! You know, that crazy thing girls are doing with their faces in pictures these days? The pouty lip thing? Yep, it’s happened. I have started doing it! ACK! There are some chick’s on Twitter who thought it would be fun to do a duckface link up so basically just do a post with your duckface pics and go link up! lol Easy as pie.


Glitz and Glam Swap Reveal

So, remember how I said that I had been a bit of a swappin’ fool the last couple of months? Yeah, well here is the proof! This is the 4th swap I took part in since October! Hubby says I am officially on restriction from entering any more swaps, for at least 2 months. lol

The always gorgeous and hilarious Lindsay and Raven decided to host a Glitz and Glam Swap…now, if you know me at all, you know that Glitz and Glam is totally my thing. I was so excited to see who I was going to be partnered with! I got my email saying I was partnered with Allison who is a sweetheart and it was off to the races. I couldn’t wait to get to know her a little to see what I could get for her that she would love. Allison is a newlywed with a love for Purple. I can so totally work with this!

I got her some great stuff and was so excited to get it sent off to her. Then it was the week of my birthday and she told me that my package should be getting to me right around my birthday. I waited patiently anxiously for the post man to bring me a package and the day after my birthday it came!

Now, I must say for someone who didn’t know me very well Allison totally ‘gets me’! In my package I got:

Kaluha coffee (YUM)
Almond Joy ( I don’t remember telling her this was my favorite candy, but maybe I did…either way, uhm YUMMY!)
Star socks (so cute!)
pen with sparkles!
C post it’s (how cute is that?!)
C ornament/decor (LOVE!)
Big black sparkle earrings (my new fav pair of earrings, BTW!)
Christmas themed kitchen towels – adorbs!
lip gloss (hello, lover!)
nail stuff ( I had been wanting to try these so I’m excited to do that now! Love the zebra print too!)and last but not least,
Naughty coasters (amazeballs!! So freakin love those! haha)

So, to Allison, thank you so much girl! You rocked it! And to Lindsay and Raven, you girls rock for hosting such a fun awesome swap!!

Blog Love – Pay It Forward


Welcome to More Bloggy Love Monday!
Co-hosted by Nikki from Southern Mama with a Bad Mouth and myself!
This is where we will show love to our favorite Bloggers.

Rules are simple :

Choose a blog that you love
(each week you will choose a different blog)
Grab the button above and add it to a post
about the blog you have chosen.
then come back here and link up!

Then :
you can visit some on the blogs people have chosen
and show them love!

Hopefully everyone will get some love
and some new followers.

So, this week I am doing it a little differently…I decided to send a short questionnaire to my chosen blogger and now I will post her answers!

This week I chose Randi from Who is your Big Susan?. I already talked a little bit about Randi here so I thought it would be nice to get to know her a bit better and pay it forward to her. So on that note, here is the Q and A session I did with Randi…

1. What made you want to start your blog? I love to write and though I am the Queen of Snark IRL, I was tired of only reading things that are so mean-spirited. I also find myself always thanking my friends for some fantabulous thing they have done. So…when I think about my friends and friendship – my mom and Big Susan automatically come to mind.

2. What is your favorite part of being a part of the blogging community? I really do write for myself and continue to be shocked that other folks read my words and that they resonate with them. I was never really much of a blog reader but it’s opened a whole new world to me (yes, I realize I may be the slowest person to get on the blog train) and I am finding that a) most people are pretty damn decent – and funny and b.) that we have so much more in common than we have differences.

3. What is your absolute favorite blog to spend time or get lost in? I really love Rants from Mommyland, The Snarky Mom and The Bloggess. Of course I love A Lil Dash of Diva. Each has a different appeal that keeps me coming back. Sometimes I stumble onto a really fantastic read on some random blog and then forget to mark the page (because I’m an idiot).

4. Do you have any goals for your blog or do you see yourself continuing to blog for years to come? Like any writing, I think you do it while it feels right and works. As long as I have something to say then I will keep blogging. Since I am rarely without words, I’d like to think this will be as enduring as my friendships.

5. Has your opinion of blogging/bloggers been changed since you became a blogger? I’ve always admired writers and those who commit to writing on any regular basis (grocery lists and comments on news articles do not count.) I definitely have formed opinions about certain blogs and writers. Those that have mean-spirited blogs/posts that are only meant to hurt, humiliate (peopleofwalmart.com excluded), scare or rip someone a new proverbial a*$^ are just cowardly jackholes. We all write for a reason and though I’m about the furthest thing from a pollyanna (see above statement for proof of that) that anyone could be – I’d like to believe most do it for a decent reason. Also, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something new or meaningful to share. I really admire those that post more regularly than I do and have so many people waiting for the next word.

6. What sort of reactions have you gotten from family/friends when they find out you are a blogger? Very supportive – those that are less supportive are likely that way IRL, too so there is no surprise. I’m really just so stunned that people like what I write.

I want to thank Randi for participating and being my featured blogger this week and anyone who hasn’t gone and checked out Who is your Big Susan…go, go NOW!

I Confess…


I Confess…

…I get a little jealous when other bloggers gain a crapload of new followers in like a week. I love my followers and am grateful for each and every one ♥ but I wanna be blogfamous. I confess.

I Confess…

…I get excited for friends when they tell me they are pregnant, but it’s also a little stab in my heart every time. We have been TTC a sibling for Princess for almost 6 years and its hard to be ecstatic for friends and acquaintances when it just isn’t happening for you.

I Confess…

…I am really excited for Christmas!! We have been able to get Princess a few things that she has been asking for all year and I can’t wait to see her reaction!

I Confess…

…I may or may not use bribery to get things I want from the Hubs. What? Like you don’t?! HA!

My Christmas Wish List

I haven’t made a Christmas wish list in a really REALLY long time…so I figured I would do one now just for the fun of it. I mean, who doesn’t like ‘window shopping’?!

I’m in a really wintery kind of mood these days with the cold temps in Phoenix

These are just a few of the things I’m putting on my wish list..What’s on yours?

Who is YOUR Big Susan?

I’m guest posting over at Who is your Big Susan?. Randi is an IRL friend of mine who I met through a mommy group that I admin’d. She is a single (by choice) mom to a gorgeous redheaded girl who is a couple of weeks older than my Princess. Randi is hilarious and honest with an awesome wit. Her blog is all about friendships starting with her own mom and her best friend, Susan. She talks about how watching that relationship shaped how she views her own relationships and what she values most in her friends. Go follow her now, you seriously won’t be sorry!