‘Before’ Pics of the Bathroom

Here are the before pictures of the bathroom we are redecorating! The painting is now complete, just waiting til tomorrow (payday) to go get the fabric/shelving and accents to finish it completely. I will post up as soon as its all complete!

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Redecorate Phase 1

Redecorate the Apartment – Phase One!

We started on the redecoration of the apartment today and have decided to start with Hannah’s bathroom/bedroom since we already had that paint, its one less thing to buy right now. So today I started painting her bathroom and am almost done with it. Just need Sean to bring home the ladder to finish the top of the walls.


It will be a color scheme of this deep pink with black and silver accents. I will be using black shelves to put some cute decorative stuff on. Also, in the bedroom and bathroom I will be making curtains for the shower and window. The one in the bathroom will go from the ceiling to the floor and I am hoping to find some black/white damask print fabric. I am looking for glam/dramatic in both of these rooms. I will be going this weekend to hopefully find the fabric and the shelves that I need for the rooms!

Bedroom’s Up First!

We have decided to redecorate and paint the master suite first! I have picked out the color palette for the master from Dunn Edwards (www.dunnedwards.com), if you want to see the actual palette the colors are

Hope Chest (DEA 160)
Raging Tide (DE 5809)
Spring Leaves (DE 5640)

Basically, brown, blue and sage. We will probably only paint one wall and use the other colors as accent colors for prints for the walls or things like that. I am so excited! I haven’t gotten to redecorate in quite a while! Whoo!

Move or Paint?

We live in a nice 3 bedroom apartment in North Peoria, we love the neighborhood, the complex and our neighbors. We haven’t ever had any problems here and we absolutely love the actual apartment…with one exception, we have kind of outgrown it. So we found out that there are some 4 bedrooms available in the complex and decided to go take a look. The 4 bedroom is 100 sq ft bigger than what we have now, but the layout makes it actually seem at least 100 sq ft smaller! Plus, the only 4 bedrooms available are all WEST facing windows and as my peeps who live in the PHX know, west facing windows in the PHX are a big HELL NO! The rooms are all smaller than our current 3 bedrooms, plus the kitchen has way less counter and cabinet space than our current apt. We have decided to stay put in the smaller, but better laid out 3 bedroom. So since we are staying here for another couple of years (already been here 2 years) we are going to paint! Woohoooo! Stay tuned for paint colors….

Bad Mommy Weekend…

This has been a horrible mommy weekend. First off, Hannah is sick right now with a cold. I have a feeling it will turn into croup before all is said and done just like the last several colds she has had. Well yesterday she was playing in the living room and had gotten out a set of measuring spoons. She then threw them on the floor and forgot about them (as did I). Until, she slipped and fell on them and tore her knee open. Blood everywhere. She is screaming, I am nauseous at the sight of my child’s blood. I rush her into the bathroom, put her up on the counter and start running water over the knee to see how bad it really is. Its bad. There is a flap of skin hanging there. OMG. Nauseous. Can’t handle touching the area, my bones hurt because she is hurting. I somehow manage to get her all cleaned up and bandaged without completely losing it myself. Sean calls a while later I tell him what happened and he says I need to take the bandage off and clean it again and rebandage it. Oh. HELL. NO. He said I have to so that we make sure it doesn’t get infected. Sweet LORD man. And of course, he won’t be home for HOURS still so I HAVE to do it. Ugh. So off we go again to the bathroom to wash it out and put a clean bandage. Hannah of course fighting me because it hurts like a son of a BLEEP. Finally it is done and she is calmed down. The rest of the night went by fine. Then today because she has this cold, I have been giving her some decongestant once during the day to help her breathe better. Well this afternoon I go get her some meds, pour it in the little cup and bring it out to her. I had left the cap undone and the bottle on the counter in the bathroom knowing that I needed to come right back in there to rinse the cup and put the bottle away. So I give her the medicine, then the phone rings, then I see all the dishes in the sink so I go and start doing the dishes. Next thing I know, Hannah is bringing me the EMPTY bottle of decongestant. O.M.G. That means that she DRANK THE REST OF THE BOTTLE. Oh, and have I mentioned I am at home today with NO CAR or CARSEAT. Yeah. So I flip and text Sean to have him call me and tell me what to look for. Thankfully there really wasn’t that much left in the bottle, one more dose and that was it, so she only got a double dose, but still. OMG. So now I get to spend the next several hours paying close attention to her heart rate, if she is sweating or hyper and fidgeting. Those should be the only side effects the doctors in the ER says to look out for. Since there was only 1 dose left in the bottle it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Ugh.

Work Work Work

Here we are another weekend and again, Sean is working. I am starting to really hate that he doesn’t have a regular M-F 8-5 type job. He works almost everyday picking up OT and when he works he leaves the house at 6am and doesn’t get home til 8pm. That makes for a very long day for him and very little time for him to spend with Hannah. That is what bothers me the most is that Hannah is missing him. I can deal with it for myself, but in her 3 year old mind, she doesn’t quite get WHY daddy has to be at the hospital so much…So we have started looking for other jobs for him…and me. Life is just to much playing catch up and trying to make ends meet these days and there is never anything left over to actually have some fun and enjoy our time together. I am looking at getting into Non Profit Management now that I have been doing that on a volunteer basis for a year with TMN. It has been a great resume booster, but now I am ready to start getting paid. I will still keep on my PhoenixMommies and TMN stuff, but I just have to start bringing in some cash. Unfortunately with gas, food, rent and everything else going up except for INCOME well it just gets even worse in the making ends meet dept. Anyway, hopefully we will find some work that we enjoy and pays well and start actually enjoying the down time!

Moment Of Silence

One of the members on my PhoenixMommies site told us that her newborn son Tristan passed away over the weekend. They knew before he was born that he was going to have a long hard fight to even survive past birth, but he was born a few weeks ago and took a turn for the worse on Sunday. He passed around 5 on Sunday evening. So I have decided that I am going to close the site (PM) for one hour tomorrow morning during part of the memorial service. Its so sad and I cannot imagine the pain that family is in…anyway, so we will be honoring little Tristan with closing the site down for a while tomorrow.